Rabbit jumping is a classic-styled platformer that will put your skills to the test as you navigate dangerous spikes and bottomless pits on an epic journey to the end of each stage. Don't be fooled by the cuddly protagonist however, this is a brutally hard game! (Seriously. I made it and I can't even finish it.)


rabbit_jumping.zip (1,438 KB)

Game features:

If, for some reason, you aren't interested enough already, here are some screenshots that have been cropped for maximum awesomeness:

Make death defying leaps in your adventure through more than four (and less than six) stages that effortlessly scale in difficulty from easy to unforgiving.
Avoid deadly spikes while enjoying beautiful scenery including: red flowers, green bushes, and fluffy white clouds that render in the background AND foreground.

Explore caves that have no back walls, which allows you to see the setting sun. (If the sun has gone down, you'll know you've made it to level five.)
Take a nap between a wall of spikes and a bottomless pit, see if I care. It's not like you have limited lives or anything. (Protip: Carrots give you extra lives.)

Minimum system requirements:

Rabbit Jumping uses the Allegro game library. Music by Shaun Bader. Sound effects by Raphael "HardPCM" Couturier.
Please forgive any performance issues as this game was coded by an amateur as a learning exercise.
If you missed the download link, it's up at the top of the page. Click here to contact me.